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1911 serial number dates Any help would be greatly appreciated. in Tokyo Arsenal SOLD - WWI Colt 1911 - 1918. 1911: 55,000,000: 1956: These are approximate production dates. X Before serial number (noiseless with 6 digits in no. Model1911A1, . 11/5/2020 0 Comments For what youvé described, Id sáy three would bé about top doIlar. for. If I had to say what exact year I would say early in 1944. Any help would be appreciated. Colt 1911 Serial Number Lookup Date. Hello, I am trying to find the date of manufacture on a S&W 1911 model # 108284. And. There are four ways you can find out about almost any fire arm. The major changes were a slightly heavier slide and a slotted collet barrel bushing. 1935 13664 536737-550400. Serial number dates this pistol to 1918, right near the end of the war. Year of manufacture - 1915. An RCD inspector mark or double spacing between the M and 1911A1 indicates manufacture by Union Switch and Signal. Approximately 100 pistols stamped "N. Winchester Model 1911: Covering numbers: 1 - 103213. With 1911/1911A1 pistols, the serial number determines the date of shipment. 1930 1081755 : 1949 1626100 : 1912 . Springfield 1911 Serial Number Date Overview. Any input or opinions on the GSR line will be appreciated. #6 · Feb 20, 2018. Colt Model 1911 Black Army serial number 446933 - This 1911 was probably shipped September, 1918. The new system consists of four sets of digits separated by a hyphen. Jan. 1911 : 178951: 246300: 40800: 16970 . Your pistol unfortunately appears to be the former I would peddle it and buy a new 1911 of your choice. If you provide good photos of a pistol, with the full serial number visible, I will attempt to provide, free of charge, year of manufacture or shipment/procurement. Last Serial Number of . Colt Model 1911 Pistol. The letters decode as follows: A = 0 B = 1 C = 2 D = 3 E = 4 F = 5 G = 6 H = 7 J = 8 K = 9 If yours does not . The serial number for your firearm is found usually on the receiver. Number: End Serial: Year: Sold: Number: 1909: 14,286: 14286: 1910: 40,818: 55104: 1911: 48,937: 104041: 1912: 62,497: 166538: 1913: 71,805: 238343: 1914: 56,183 . Colt introduced this model in 1970 as a newer version of the Model 1911A1. $2,650. In most cases a gun with the property stamp will not have a “C” in the serial number. ) The Remington Rand model 1911 was made for the United states from 1943-1945. &S. Patent . 1916) Springfield Model 1911 serial number 126398 - Ordnance procurement records for Springfield Armory Production indicate that this was one of 1,564 pistols manufactured from July 1, 1916 - December 31, 1916. This pistol was assembled in the first block of 40 Model 1911 pistols at the Colt plant on the first day of production . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 12, 2017. Manufacturer. ·. Please enter the rifle serial number without prefix (ie. So how do you spot a genuine Singer 1911A1? First off, start with the serial number. An "X" prefix to the serial number indicates a gun that has been re-serial numbered by . This database contains the Swiss Schmidt-Rubin straight pull rifles with the corresponding manufacturing years. Can you tell me when it was made? 2. 8/2/17 - This is an all-original and correct Colt 1911 from WWI. Those dates coincide with the Madis dates and can be viewed on Winchester’s site at: Winchesterguns. There were a total of 7 serial block numbers assigned during the War. In the serial number code key below, the model number code for your 1911-22 is 51E. It seems as though small numbers of the commercial version of the Steyr pistol known as the M1911, were purchased by army officers. Serial number - 125051. 10,384 Posts. Estimated Value Range –see below. S/N is 1462673, which falls within the 1943-issued serial numbers for Ithaca M1911 A1: 1943 Serial Numbers: 14430 Ithaca (30,000 produced in this series. 1,018 Posts. May 12, 2017. For details on your specific serial number you may contact our Service Department: 336-949-5200 The Remington Rand model 1911 was made for the United states from 1943-1945. Right side of Colt 1911 serial number 446933. I recently trade for a Springfield 1911 and noticed that it was made in the USA. here is #NM112xxx, that i purchased late in 1991, the email i recieved from SA stated that it was manufactured in June 1991 as a 1911-A1 . A geometric-shape proofmark, like a triangle, arrowhead or such, on the front left of triggerguard indicates an M1911A1 made by Ithaca. 1. The Remington Model 10 A was manufactured between 1908 and 1929, with a total production of about 275,600 units. Model of 1911 Production--Top of Page Click on image: Year: Serial Number Range: Manufactured . in Tokyo Arsenal For purposes of determining if your gun is legally considered an “antique” (pre-1899 DOM), the BATF has told us they use the DOM dates published by the manufacture (Winchester). it is possible that a watch could have . 19. Date of Purchase: _____ . Originally Posted By Growler67: SiG date codes are stamped 2 letter codes. The serial number on this Colt is 378,4XX which places the production of this pistol in the summer of 1918 as part of the Army’s last 1918 Colt 1911 contract of 319,746 pistols. Proper HP marked barrel. Several rifle types may be in the same serial number range. Rare Documented Single Digit Serial Number 9 Colt Model 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Factory LetterManufactured in 1911, the first year of production, this is a very fine example of an exceptionally early production, single digit serial number, U. Appendix I Typewriter Manufacture Dates and Serial Numbers . We have many owner's manuals online. Too far west of Alba, wrong side of the Jordan. After May 6, 1918 these pistols were shipped out of serial number order for faster production. . model and made it look like Loaded Model. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 17, 2017. If anyone has access to a list of serial numbers and date of manufacture, I am curious to know what a SW 1911 with serial number prefix UCK**** was likely made. 00 5 . From 1970 to 1976 the serial numbers had a prefix of "70G", from 1976 to 1980 they had a suffix of "G70" which changed to a prefix of "70B" from 1980 until 1983 when production ceased. I believe it is an older one because it does not have a flared ejection port and does not have the skeletonized trigger. The Colt Government Model 1911 is referred to by many as "the world's greatest handgun". Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 5, 2010. How do you determine the manufacture date by the serial number? Serial number starts with GS0. The Union Switch & Signal company of Swissvale Pennsylvania, primarily made railroad signaling equipment but received a contract on May 5, 1942 for the manufacture of 200,000 M1911A1 pistols. NOTE: Colt and Ithaca serial numbers based on shipping records. pistols are the second rarest of […] Serial Number Database Search. Army" was used by both US Army Cavalry troops and infantry soldiers during the United States' Punitive Expedition into . I would call Springfield and give them your serial number. # END 199516-03-001-95 16-03-800-95 1911 Pistol Smith. Year. Military Issued 1911 Serial Number Tables This John Browning patent gun, Model 1911, was so named for the year it was officially adopted for use by the United States Army. Every five dollar bill from 1911 should have a blue seal and a portrait of Ben Harrison. Serial # UCK1xxx. Springfield Model 1911. K31 Serial numbers and dates: Année Quantité No de série. " below the serial number were manufactured at Springfield Armory and by Colt. I’ll start with serial numbers and approximate dates, then list . This is a discussion on Norinco M14 Serial Number Database - North America within the Reference forums, part of. DAN WESSON FIREARMS 1911 model handguns will continue this reloading operation until all PRODUCTION DATES* Winchester pre-64 Model 1894 . That’s why it’s difficult to understand them without a point of reference. As example in the model 's Colt started combining all small "D" frame models like info Detective Special, Cobra, Agent, Diamondback, Viper, 1911 Positive Special, numbers in the same serial number ranges. X: Assembly inspector’s stamp, but can mean other things depending on location. I can't find anything on the prefix WW. Engine number 300,101, for example, was sold on June 26, 1913. to determine an approximate date of manufacture. Your serial number belongs to the third block of serial numbers assigned by the U. 1911 is the charter date and 1902 is the series date. Sig Sauer Date Of Manufacture By Serial Number. Last Serial Number of Each Year . * Serial numbers 54401-55000 and 62001-62300 are missing (900 pieces) ** Serial numbers 69701-69750 have double entries, but are only entered once in this list. As a result of this, Singers have the lowest production numbers of any 1911 model. . which was from serial number 1,471,431-1,609,528. I purchased the M1911 and it sat in my closet unused for the last 17 years. Save. Based on the popularity of sites offering fitness service, Golfaq has been taking the best ones to our sites as a recommendation for the search springfield 1911 serial number date . Serial number data is based on information provided by members of the Dan Wesson Forum. 1911 Pistol Smith. 6. Joined Dec 17, 2017. R. Also, within a model family the same serial number prefix may be used to produce a variety of different models, all in the same block of serial numbers. It is obvious that number 300,000 was built before July 16. Here is my P228, it was made in 1997. 41,696 pistols in the Remington Rand serial range (1088726-1092896) 4,171 pistols in the US&S serial range: ± Indicates the approximate serial number at the beginning of the year, as those pistols were not manufactured or shipped in numerical order. What are the production dates of Norinco 1911 A1? The serial numbers that begin with 'ww' probably mean that it is not a military issue weapon. Joined Dec 3, 2010. 5. S/N C1 to C1899 – 1912 – 1899 S/N C1900 to C5399 – 1913 – 3500 S/N C5400 to C16599 – 1914 – 11,200 S/N C16600 to C27599 – 1915 – 11,000 S/N C27600 to C74999 – 1916 – 47,400 S/N C75000 to C98999 – 1917 – 24,000 S/N C99000 to C105999 – 1918 – 7000 Dates ofProduction by Model and Serial Number. # END 199516-03-001-95 16-03-800-95 Rare Documented Single Digit Serial Number 9 Colt Model 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Factory LetterManufactured in 1911, the first year of production, this is a very fine example of an exceptionally early production, single digit serial number, U. X SERIAL NUMBERS. 45 Colt. It was á Essex framé with a CoIt slide . Those searches will tell you the year of manufacture by blocks of numbers. # START SER. The guns had a simple serial code system, which started with 001 and went to 275,600. The serial number is E 05552 and I purchased it in January 1994. 9/28/2019. Colt Pistols - 1. In part like Colt, Springfield Armory’s name resonates with Model 1911 enthusiasts due to the fact that the former government facility of the same name manufactured a number of original 1911s. The total number of pistols produced by Ithaca was. Got one of the GSRs way back when Sig started making 1911s. There is a claim that the first 500 pistols had adjustable rear sights, however a known example from that serial number range features the standard sights and no pistols with adjustable rear sight have been reported. U. For help identifying 1911 style guns, see 1911 Gallery. To back up this hypothesis, we recorded sales dates during 1913 and found that all serial numbers were sold in the range of our serial number data. Remington Model 11 Serial Number Date Chart - everinstant. A. 700001-710000. Military M1911 & M1911A1 Pistol: (all manufactures): Covering numbers: 1 - 2693613. I know I could just call their customer support but they are closed for the day. It also makes them susceptible to fakes and forgeries. Design changes can also change the look of the serial numbers. Springfield Armory 1911-A1 TRP SS . 3 Posts. The M1911A1 pistol and variants are used by the following actors in the following movies, television series. 45 ACP Production Statistics and Serial Numbers. I took it out a couple of months ago and right out of the box it shot 2-3" groups at 15-20 feet. This site is not a collector's reference, so at the bottom of this page, you will find links to sites which specialize on this topic. The first set is the manufacturers code, the second designates the type of firearm, the third set is the firearms chronological number, the fourth set shows the year of mfg. The Browning design was so great, that it has been changed little in over 100 years of production. But, recently I have seen several pistols for sale that have a serial number beginning with a . Serial Number End Serial Number Yearly Prod. A total of 55,000 Union Switch and Signal pistols were produced. The first commercial production gun was numbered 41 and was shipped on 31 st March 1921– numbers 1 to 40 were all considered prototypes and remain to this day in Museums in the US. Retail prices may be 20% higher. The original bluing rates at around 90%, with browning coming through under the finish on the slide and some bluing loss on the straps. 00. Quantity. This is a rare WWI Colt Model 1911 Pistol from 1918 with the earlier version Colt Model 1911 Slide. Navy and Marine Corps in 1913. 1911: 599263 . 'E', 'P'). 1 Posts. 45 ACP "Model of 1911 U. serial number: year: serial number: year: 9,000: 1867: . Underside of the slide at the muzzle end next to the proof marks. YEAR SER. Joined Mar 20, 2017. 1911-22. S. Some time back I was informed that the Dan Wesson/CZ serial number identified the year of production by the first two numbers in the that serial number. For your firearm, the following current values apply (from the Blue Book of Gun Values). 45acp Model and Serial Number Information . Norinco M14 Serial Number Database - North America. The collector value of any bill is based on its serial number, condition, and bank of issue. ) Springfield Armory 1911 Serial Number Dates Springfield Armory’s tribute wears a correct Parkerized finish on both the frame and the slide. 45 90s series pistol, yours is older than mine. For example, there is the issue of the 1970s Colt M1911’s commercial production. 10,000-10,399 1911 104,801-105,648 1931 . a new serial number system. Number Produced. The M1911 was formally adopted by the U. obviously i've made some changes to this one, and it's a very good pistol that i carry often. Ithaca started production in December of 1942 and was the only established firearms company to produce 1911A1s other than Colt. Technically speaking, Colt serial numbers tend to jump all over the place with no set pattern. (Year) (Quantity) (Serial Number) 1933 1193 520010-521202. Model 1911 Serial Numbers – Date – Number Made. 45acp The Remington Rand model 1911 was made for the United states from 1943-1945. ), Blue finish. So I acquired a Sig Sauer STX 1911 in a trade and was wondering when it was manufactured. These sites have gone through a meticulous and careful selection process. date and the next patent’s filing date. #1/3. Depending if the pistol is used the person before you could have taken a G. Approximate numbers were 1,086,624 made during this time span. 32. However, refer to your owner's manual if you have difficulty finding it. The only surviving records are of shipments of serial numbers; dates of manufacture can only be inferred from the shipping records. Obviously, this makes them incredibly rare and very valuable. 45 ACP. M-1911 Production Dates In this area you can find some information related to collecting M-1911s or M-1911A1s. My serial number is WW13XXX. 45 ACP - Serial Number 126398 (ca. In the Gallery I show more than (700) pistols to enable Subscribers of the site to compare pistols to the examples shown and determine year of production. Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s Below is the download link for a special resource for dating Winchester firearms. From 1970 to 1976 the serial numbers had a prefix of "70G", from 1976 to 1980 they had a suffix . After some research I found that all that mean is that at less 50% of this gun was made in the USA. 1936 11326 550401-561727. I am still having a hard time dating the year it was made. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button. ) Springfield Model 1911. Location. 1934 15534 521203-536736. There are 20 results for the search now. The Remington Rand model 1911 was made for the United states from 1943-1945. X2693614-X2693665 Renumbered Raritan Arsenal X2693666-X2693785 Renumbered RIA X2693786-X2693885 Renumbered Ord. Colt 5. 1911 1911A1. com. Totals; 1912: C1: C1899: 1,899: 1913: C1900: . And in some cases, firearms may be stored for a length of time before they are shipped. I heard the older ones were better than the newer models. The West Hurley pistols were as indicated above, less than nicely made firearms, however, the current Kahr owned Auto Ordnance pistols are every bit the match of their competition. Serial Number Range. 1924. The corresponding date for that serial number is shown in the left column of the table. The range for Singers was S800001 to S800500. These pages were scanned from documents compiled over the years by the customer service department of Winchester Repeating Arms. The serial number on all guns made was preceded by the letter U. Many engines with numbers in the 300,000 range were also sold on that date. I. Serial Numbers. Winchester Dates of Manufacture. Thanks, Flintlock. Consequently, the total of the Model 1911 Carbines listed here comes to 185150 pieces. For example, given a Model 1911 with a serial number of 2673xx, the tables show no such serial number for a Model 1911. Model/configuration – Model 1911, US Army, (1913-1915 Mfg. No records are available from the various Dan Wesson companies, and we rely on records/recollections of original purchasers, paperwork retained with the pistol, dated barrel wrappers, etc. Don’t get confused by the fact that 1911 and 1902 are printed on the $5 bill. 1937 11639 561728-573366. These pistols were serial numbered from 1041405 to 1096404. The . Even after Colt began using unique serial numbers in the 's, Colt often combined a number numbers models serial one serial dating range. There is a range spanning this serial number for a Model 1889/96, however, showing a manufacture date of 1900. Auto Ordnance Serial Numbers 1911. The first two are easy, you can search your serial number on the internet, and in books. 12 1- 5. All were marked “Model of 1921” and bore a serial number which was placed in four locations on the gun on the first 1000 and then in three locations with the rest. 1911 serial number dates

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